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another star goes out
Andre Norton died yesterday.

I can't really say I'm surprised- she was 93, and when I saw her at a WorldCon years ago, she looked so fragile, even then… she reminded me of how my maternal grandmother looked, in the years before she died.

Still, I'm sitting here with my eyes brimming tears. Her work was a huge influence on me- along with Tolkien and Susan Cooper, she enchanted my life during a lonely, bleak period, gave substance and color to my dreams. I can't count how many times back then that I longed with all my heart to find one of those gates and fall into the Witch World, to find some Forerunner relic and be catapulted into wild adventure amongst uncharted stars.

Her stories crackled with excitement, were filled with looming terror as well as heart-deep joy. Her worlds were old and mysterious, filled with ancient treasure and danger, yet still were places where humans and aliens could find their common ground, the places where communication could happen. There was always a way to peace and resolution, there was always a new start, even after disaster. Hope even in the ashes.

She was not afraid to mix enigmatic technology into her fantasy worlds, or to weave the powers of the mind into her science fiction. Both science and magic were tools, neither good nor evil by their base nature, no matter what their manifestation. She wrote with a deep awareness that power corrupts, and that fair face often hides foul heart. And vice-versa, as well- she understood the ugly duckling and the outcast, knew how they could bloom into true beauty. Knew how hard it could be for the introvert, the thinker, the shy.
That as much as anything else made me treasure her stories.

Another of my Great Ones steps into history. I mourn, but I also treasure her legacy.

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Her legacy of wonderful tale telling is one that you continue in your own writing. What better way to honor someone who inspired you than by sharing your own imagination, stories and gift with words to others. (((hugs)))

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