Evil Voodoo Celt (evcelt) wrote,
Evil Voodoo Celt

Shriekback playing live: update

From Shriek central:

"Please forgive yet another email from us so soon but our Kickstarter...


...campaign to get us playing live again has, to be frank, stalled at £26k - and to make this
thing viable we need another £9k.
It's close but, in the All or Nothing world of Kickstarter, it will not do.

If we don't hit our £35k target by the 15th then all bets are off.
No gigs, no rewards and everybody gets their money back.

We massively appreciate the generosity and - yes - affection that has produced
the present sum but we're asking you to see if you can find a way to pledge more.
Or pledge at all, if you haven't.
Or get someone else to (millionaire pranksters, louche oligarchs, be creative).
It is an outrageous demand, we realise that.
However, it was a lot of organisation to get to this point, and, if the campaign fails - realistically - it's unlikely we'll
do another this side of the End of Days."

Thinking of upping my pledge...

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