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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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ah, if they'd only let me make the biopic i wanted
This comes from driving with monsteralice, on the way to the Tibet Collection's clearance sale. We were listening to Yat-Kha's song "Aldyn Dashka", and inspiration hit me...

Imagine this:

A clear blue sky. Music starts with low drums, then the pulse of a bowed instrument. It goes to a ripple of strings as an eagle flies into view. A lone male voice, singing a lonesome-sounding, minor-key Asian song.

POV swings up, over the eagle, looking down. Then it's as if we're seeing through the bird's eyes as it flies across the land. We see the steppes roll by below, rolling grasslands like a sea. There are hills to the right, a suggestion of taigal forest beyond. The pre-title credits form and dissipate.

The next verse of the song has two voices- the first, and another, lower and more growling one. We swing towards one of the hills, begin to spiral downwards. There is a tethered horse on the hilltop; beside it kneels a man. We spiral in closer, and can see he is bowed low, with his belt laid across his neck. His hair is long and braided; he wears silks, furs and leathers. A curved sword is laid by his side, and we can see a bow and quiver strapped to his horse's saddle. Before him is a cairn of stones, six feet or more high; offerings of various sorts are mingled with the rocks. The music fades.

Our POV shifts away from the eagle's eyes, down to a point facing the man. He starts upright, his eyes wide. He is a young and striking Asian man, with burning dark eyes and fierce moustaches. His profile reminds us of the eagle, and there is a strong feeling that his awareness was traveling with it when we first saw it.

He looks around, startled, for a few moments; his expression bewildered and a little fearful. Then, slowly, he smiles in triumph.

Next we see him galloping into a camp- a few round tents made of felt, a few banners flapping in the breeze. The inhabitants leap to horse at his approach- all are men, most as young as he or a bit younger. They gather around him as he reigns in. He draws himself up in his saddle and speaks.

"I have traveled and I have seen; I have spoken and I have heard. Eternal Blue Sky has commanded me to conquer and rule all mankind."

The men look at one another, astonished. Then they draw their swords and roar out a cheer.

The music swells, a chorus of voices now. As the men come forward one by one and swear loyalty, the movie title shimmers into being: "Temujin: the story of Ghengis Khan."

Well, that's how I'd want it to begin, at least.

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Have you heard the expression "If wishes were horses..."

Very cool idea though. Why could you sell it as a shooting script?

I love when an image comes to gether, like that...

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