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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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thoughts on Imbolc
This is the time where the return of the light really begins to get noticeable. The fire was relit on Yule morn, but it has been carefully banked ever since. Now it is time to add new fuel, to really begin to build the year's blaze.

This is the time to look to the future. To open eyes dulled with winter sleep and gaze into the year to come. To scry the well of wisdom that lies within us all.

This is the time of the first rumors of spring. In some places, snowdrops will be blooming. In others, lambing time begins. Rebirth, new birth.

This is the time for the renewing of love. To fan new life into the loves you have already, to feed the sparks of the new. To lay plans for the soon-coming feast of hearts and flowers.

This is the time to set things in motion. The last preparations being made. The indrawn breath before the work of the year. In-spiration.

This is the time for new ideas. For the fire in the head, the divine spark that sets our minds spinning. The source of all beauty and wonder that spins from the human mind.

This is a time for healing. The healing that comes from new growth, from the fire that glows along the centers of the body and the spirit.

At Samhain we cast aside the old and unneeded. At Yule we were remade. Now it is time to welcome in the new. New ideas, new projects, new life.

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Good musings to read...

I used some of these thoughts in our group ritual tonight - I apologize for not asking first, but it occurred to me last-minute and I didn't think you'd mind.

No, I don't mind at all. Glad you found them of use! Happy Imbolc!

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