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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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an odd fragment in honor of "rabbit-hole day"

Taranis and friends rumbled overhead as I got outside, but the storm was still a few minutes away, coming on like the Fade in a black wall studded with blue-white flares. Only a few stormcrows rode the roll-cloud, but they seemed to be making up in sheer exuberance what they lacked in numbers.

Over to the West, the sunset was getting dramatic, pillars of light stabbing down from the unbearable pearly fire behind the cumulo-nimbus. I sighed. It looked like the Followers of Light were playing propaganda games with the weather again. Those guys gave me the creeps- I mean, I have no problem with most of the Solars, and I've even hung with the Daoine once on a time, but the Followers were a bit too over-the-top about things. Some of their more rigid types even had it in for the Hunt and the other Moonfollowers, for Ladyssake! Made it look like that whole "Seelie -Unseelie" nonsense all over again. Made me believe the mutters about some of the Followers wanting the Burning to return...

A few splatters of rain bulleted down as I got into the car, and there was a flash-crack! as a ground strike hit not a league away. I touched the hammer medallion hanging from the mirror and muttered a quick charm- I really liked the Celtic forms better than the Teutonic, but here I was in Bavaria so best to be safe.

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I gotcher unseelie, right heayah...

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