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hot off the forge
It's done. Great day in the morning, it's done!

The first draft of my novel, that is.

The Sword of Light. 82,304 words. The Sidhe. Magic. Sex. Horror. True Love. Destiny.

Woo hoo! It's done!

Now it's time to take Neil Gaiman's advice and hide it away for a few weeks and try to forget about it. After the holidays, I'll take it out and give it a read-though, trying desperately to pretend that someone else wrote it.

This has been a long process; the core ideas for this date back fifteen years or more. Many, many thanks to the folks who've given me so much encouragement. But especially to monsteralice, who's been unstinting in her support and hard-headed advice; and to divalion, who was the one who convinced me that I should dig this out and go back to work on it after letting it gather dust for so many years.

It's done! Wheeeee!

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Sincere congratulations! What an accomplishment!


Great job, Hugh!

Congratulations! {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

So cooooool!

Wanna read it! And believe me, that's a huge thing, coming from me.


Yay you!! I'm gonna print the whole thing and take it with me to England where I should have much relaxed, uninterrupted time to read it through beginning to end. I'm so thrilled for you! Congratulations!!

Wow, congratulations! That's aweseome :)

(and I am envious)

No wonder you never call anymore. Seriously, congratulations. When do we get to read it?

Some time shortly after the turn of the year, I'll send it out to those who're interested.

Please do send a copy my way. Thanks.

Awesome! So when do we get to read it? ;)

Some time shortly after the turn of the year, I'll send it out to those who're interested.

Congratulations :)

I've recently discovered -- the layout is godawful but there are some really talented writers on there and I've found the private offices very helpful for workshopping stories-in-progress and second drafts.

In any event, good job. May the Publishing Gods smile upon you and the Script Option Faeries visit your doorstep.

Rar! Go you!

If you are planning on trying to publish it, we can compare rejection letters. ;)

Heary and lengthy congratulations!!! Most amazingly done!!

Congrats, hope it all goes well...and that we will have a chance to read your work. Now, lets go out and get drunk!

P.S. Remember, we are always our own harshest critic! :-D

Well, I did break out the Jameson's Old Distillery Special Reserve last night...

Dang it! Everyone's already saying stuff I wanna say.
Ah...But they haven't said this:

You've just provided me another excellent reason to be proud that you are one of my friends.

May the Faeries make the manuscripts you send out bright, shiny, and irrestibly intrigueing. May the publishers become maddeningly aware of every tick of the clock as they hurry you along to get the thing honed into marketable form. I wish you all of the stress and trouble it takes to give birth to a masterpiece.

Wow. Should you submit it somewhere to be published (and you should :o)), I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. There's so much *crap* that does get published, I have faith that your story will be a fresh breeze...

I am so proud of you. And just so I can make you cut and paste your stock sentence yet again.....

when do we get to see it? ::ducks, runs, hides::

Instead of just cutting and pasting it, I ran it through Babelfish for you!

1: [back and forth]
Who' The aluminum returns l' Matter of concern and interest; There it is slower again; Work migration hour; AnnjeI' Ll in fact if.

2: [chain]
that time after l'anwendung I'll to be sendes to have brevity for this to interest who're.

Way to go. This is excellent, and put me down as an interested party for the reading of it.

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