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DC-area IT job
Passing along something:

"Contact Erin Hirtle, Talent Acquisition at 3M,

3M HIS is currently seeking a Web Developer Engineer to work on our flagship product within the Healthcare "Billing & Coding" arena, specifically within Revenue Cycle management software for major healthcare facilities throughout the world. This product offering is at the forefront of the "Federal Healthcare Reform" that is taking place in Washington. At the present time, we are seeking candidates with skills and experience with HTML5 capabilities, CSS/Compass, JQuery, JSON, and javascript MVC patterns, also user interface design and human factors. Familiarity with JUnit, and Documentation Generators are a plus., etc. Please let me know if there is a good time I can call you regarding this opportunity. We offer a handsome compensation in addition to a very robust benefits package under the 3M Benefits plan. Additionally, you can also apply to the job directly through our online career portal at the URL listed below."


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