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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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well, crap
So, I had another seizure today. Pretty much the same as the last one. Good news is that they didn't admit me overnight, but I still am going to be unable to drive for a while. The neurologist put me on anti-seizure meds, so I'm hoping that will keep me from having a recurrence.

As before, please don't send reiki or generalized healing energy... prayers to Brigid, Sulis, or any healing deity/deities you work with would be a better idea. Thanks.

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Yikes hun. Have they figured out what's going on what that? Like full brain scans, metabolism screening, screening for weirdo parasites, and other things?

Hope you can get to the bottom of this soon. If you need a ride, let me know.

The first time, I had a CAT scan, MRI, EEG (baseline, stressed, and 48-hour monitoring), metabolic workup, etc.

So far this time I had a CAT scan and metabolic workup. I'm sure my neurologist will add other stuff. But nada so far as to specific diagnosis.

Thanks for the ride offer... dunno if I'll need it (my parents have offered, amongst others), but thanks!

sorry you have to deal with this.
hope they find a reasonably tractable cause quickly.

I don't know how much I can do other than what you list above, but if you need a visit . . . let me know. I'll figure something out.

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I am completely serious about this, to be clear.

Thank you! While I'd *love* to see you again someday, please don't make a special trip down here...I'm fine, really. Mind you, I'll be fine-er when I have more data, like on whether this is likely to happen again, but I'm fine.

Oh, gods - I'm glad it wasn't any worse, and sending prayers and hope as suggested.....

Hugs. I'll be thinking of you.

Luck, health and resolve. If you need to talk by phone, let me know.

Thank you, my friend. I may take you up on that.

Well, crap. Indeed. Am sorry to hear it happened again! Hope answers are forthcoming.

Prayers gladly offered to spirits named.


Hoping asking for the intercession of St. Valentine is okay, he is the patron saint of seizure disorders - and that your docs get this figured out soon for the best treatment and peace of mind for you, pal. Always wishing you well!

That intercession sounds good- particularly appropriate. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for the prayers. Hope all is well with you.

Take care, my friend. We all want you better.

You know, we still have a full bottle of Knappogue Castle in my Cabinet of Wonders that needs to be addressed at some point. It might not help, seizure-wise . . . but it couldn't hurt!

Now, *there's* a thought...

Hugh, I am sorry I just saw this. And am so very sorry that this has happened again. I will keep you in my prayers. Love, Michele

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