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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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More about Murray
This is a lovely article about Murray Schwartz... It gives a pretty good picture of him, although you have to infer how stubborn he was, and it shows nothing of his sense of humor. This interview gives you an idea of how his mind worked

He was smart as hell and very articulate, although he was also quiet and struggled with the same kind of terrible depression that monsteralice has. I found him kind of intimidating at first, but it wore off. As soon as he realized that I loved his daughter and was good for her (and had a good head on my shoulders and a good career), he accepted me and welcomed me as part of the family.

He had the most amazing poker face (a good talent for a judge), and I had to watch out for the twinkle in his eye, because one of the signs he'd accepted me is that he started pulling my leg. He had a puckish sense of humor and a real talent for subtle mischief. I'll give an example of that in a later post...

He loved his wife and daughters deeply, and absolutely doted on his granddaughters- it was just magical to see him light up around them.

He was courageous, thoughtful, and talented; a profoundly good man. I will hold my respect and admiration for him deeply in my heart to the end of my days.

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So sorry for the loss of what sounds to be an amazing father / father in law/ husband and judge, for you both. It sounds like you have many many years of cherished memories though, that he leaves behind. (((hug)))

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