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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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divination poem
Sparked by a conversation with mohnkern at FSG, and some revelations that followed:


In the lightning-flash, the gap is bridged-
Will and wit, pain and purpose;
Person to person, soul to soul, question to answer;
Conversation raised to a greater power.
Light of foresight, spark of insight,
Godhead to our heads, words and visions,
Hazelnuts falling into wisdom's well,
Spirits stirring in green-blue-dark flickers,
Bubbles rising, expanding, exploding;
Connections cascading, the vital moment
Caught, cherished, fanned to flame,
Released to flare into revelation.


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Masha'allah! Beautiful!

Agreed, it is good. But then, I have a bias for some of your work. ;-)

Your praise still means a lot to me. Thank you.

Beautifully captured... thank you, my dear!

You're welcome, and thanks!

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