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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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A wombat. A dead god. A very *peculiar* epic.
There's this webcomic called Digger. It's a self-contained story that wrapped up in March of last year.

As the tagline implies, it's a peculiar story about a sentient wombat who stumbles into the story of a dead god and (very reluctantly) finds herself becoming a hero.

It's also about compassion, kindness, bravery, and self-sacrifice. It's often hysterically funny, and (somewhat less often) poignantly tragic. It's extremely well-drawn. And it has a talking statue of Lord Ganesha as an important character.

It's also up for a Hugo this year, and I hope it wins. I like "Schlock Mercenary" just fine, but I like "Digger" better. And though "Fables" and "The Unwritten" are excellent, they're also big-name Vertigo titles. Ursula Vernon (the author) needs the award far more...

But whether you agree with me or not, check it out. It's worth your while.

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Ursula's stuff is fabulous, and I don't just mean Digger. I've been following her doings for ages, and she tosses off more ideas than she can develop - her LJ friends often despair because there will be some wonderful little gem of an idea that she writes a few paragraphs or pages of, but never goes further. We nudged her into developing a fragment she tormented us with last year, and I hope to gods some publisher has the brains to take it when she's done with it.

But yes, I hope Digger wins the Hugo. If I was able to vote, she'd have mine.

What is her LJ handle? I should friend her...

Ursula's LJ can be found at ursulav. She's got a website of her own, too: www.redwombatstudio.com.

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm loving it :D

Glad to hear it!

While I'm touting things, may I also recommend A Miracle of Science? It's an interplanetary saga... an interesting look at mad science and group minds... a buddy cop story... and</a> a tale of love and redemption. It's fantastic.

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