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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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part of my past flew by yesterday...
Discovery passes

The rumble shakes the stillness at core of home
And heart. Windows rattle as I rush out,
Gaze skywards wonder-struck. The far farer
And her bearer (grumbling at its burden)
Seem to float, regal, above trees and streets.
A few breaths of sight, then gone; yet echoes
Resound, memories flicker down the years-
Watching fire burst and hurl these ships
To orbit, the seekers and seers and speakers
They loosed, the knowledge they netted in.
Somehow more human, those who rode them,
Not young gods, but people- lucky and gifted,
True, but no breed apart. Perhaps this
Made the two tragic falls much worse,
More hurtful- we felt we knew the fallen,
Or could. This more fortunate third sister
Lived up to her name, leaves a legacy
Crowned by that far-seeing eye she launched
And later aided. Now she sails,
Space-scarred, one final time past
Clouds and cheers, heading for her last home,
Honor, and history. What would those who steered
Her namesakes thought of her voyaging?
The thunder fades and the day moves on;
I leave her to her rest, and her ghosts.

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Thank you for sharing that. I was tempted to write but have had problems with that function. I kept thinking this will be the last time that she glides through the air. That we greet her as a survivor and in honor of those who did not come back from the greatest adventure our generation has yet had.


See you and Stacia on Saturday.

Looking forward to it, too!


I was discussing this with my dad this past weekend....and this just made me cry. In a good way. Thanks.

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