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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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call and response

monsteralice, divalion and I went to the Between the Worlds interfaith esoteric conference this past weekend. It was a wonderful and intense experience; upcoming entries may focus around sharing some of the information and insights gained.

The main ritual, the reason for the timing of the conference, was focused around warding the turn of the Age. We are in the transition from one Aeon to the next; from that of Pisces to that of Aquarius, from that of Osiris to that of Horus... or from that of the Son to that of the Holy Spirit, if that feels better. You may or may not buy into this, but it's hard to miss that we're in a major period of change and disruption; a lot of dust is being kicked up, a lot of the old order is passing, as I mentioned in an earlier entry.

The whole "Age of Aquarius" thing has gotten trivialized to a laughable extent, but the principles behind it are sound. A change is underway; neither good nor bad in and of itself, but it can be influenced one way or another. It's not inevitably going to be the Apocalypse- but it's not guaranteed to be all white light and universal harmony, either. It could be an age of free thought, innovation, individual connection with the Divine... or it could be an age of heartless selfishness and cults of personality that make Idi Amin look like a piker.

Thus the need for warding. The ritual was short as they go, but powerful; frightening at times, but overwhelmingly inspiring. We drove out despair, banished irresolution; called on Powers and had their answers shake us and steel us. We and They built a spiraling tower of magick fire and sent it out to do our Will.

One part of this ritual involved twelve of the teachers from the conference giving us messages, warnings, counsel and encouragement from the Powers they work with. Of some of these, I can't yet speak.

But one needs to be shouted out across the world: We have allies. A vast array of Gods, Lwa, Ancestors, Mighty Dead, Angels, Shining Ones, Folk, and more. They want to help. They can help.

But we have to ask.

This seems so simple, so obvious. But there is often a dismissal of the practical in the more esoteric religious paths. It's so damned frustrating sometimes. This our magick is here to be used. To make our lives easier. To heal, and to ease those that healing can no longer help. To fight injustice. To change the world.

In that ritual, we swore, hand on heart, to do just that- to dare to call on the Ancestors, the Spirits, the Divine, and ask for aid. To use their gifts and our skills to make both our lives and the world better. To work with them to make the new Aeon one of joy, love, peace; holy awe and heart-rending beauty.

Join me in this. Call out, pray, invoke. Work in this world for all you believe in; don't stop that. But alloy that with magick. Edmund Burke said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Don't let it happen.

Help is on the way. Call and it will come. Go ahead- I dare you.

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ok i won't stop caring. damn you

A tristate killing spree might help.

I'll deal with you swearing at me as long as it keeps you caring.

To work with them to make the new Aeon one of joy, love, peace; holy awe and heart-rending beauty.

One of the very clear messages I got during my 2* elevation, several years ago, was that it was my *job* to continue to bring and share joy (and life and love and beauty) even during times of great trial and great sadness. It was, in part, a very personal message for me, because I'd also been told that my father would die soon (he did, within about a month of my elevation). But I knew that the message spread beyond that situation, that it was my job in *life* to share this thing that I have and cherish.

(Though, heck, it's not like it's really *work*, most of the time.)

My Lady is the one who charged me with that task; I know, then, that she is there to support me -- to support all of us -- in carrying it out. (Her reminder a couple of weeks ago didn't hurt, either.)

You're right -- she is not the only one. Not by a long shot. All we need to do is ask.

The Curse Of Greyface will be lifted.
The Blue Meanies will be turned.
And I know that it's true, despite what Fox News tells us, because every day it's becoming easier for me to do this work, and everyday I see the Vision a little clearer.

And BTW, I have you to thank for being MY ally and helping me to find myself, and the allies I needed to lead me out of my dark corners.

You are very welcome.

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