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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Happy Imbolc

Victorious bright one, threefold Brigid;
Flame of words, inspired, indwelling;
Blaze of passion in the hand of Art;
Spark of life in the healing waters.
Shining Lady, you span the worlds.
Shield of every homely hearth,
Bold amongst the forge’s flames,
Flicker entwined in the words of poets.
Spark of wisdom, support of strangers;
Daughter of all-skilled Dagda,
Far-flung mantle, cloak of magic;
Perilous noble beauty, receive my praise!
Ancient and mighty, new-born whisper
In the ear of the maker, the shaper;
If craft’s in my hand, vision in my eye,
Surely you have placed it there!
Muse of fire, infusing imbas;
Light-casting triumphant one,
Triune mystery, living in life!

May Her Sacred Well bring you healing and peace.
May Her Holy Fire bring you inspiration.
May Her Skilled Hands guide you as you make and mend.

Hail Brigid!

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I'm sorry I missed the chance to wish you a happy holiday - hope the day was blessed.

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