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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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"protect your data while ye may..."
I'm posting this time in support of a most worthy endeavor: The New Alexandrian Library Project.

If you are at all interested in magick, spritiuality, paganism, mystery tradtions, etc., I hope you can see how vitally important this is. A place that will concentrate, preserve and conserve knowledge about the esoteric, and make it available to all. They'll restore it and/or digitize it, catalogue and cross-reference it, and keep it in a secure and durable set of buildings where anyone can come and do research. They hope to have facilities for workshops and other teaching events, as well as a community center.

The amount of information on the esoteric that is lost each year is sobering. The slow combustion of acid paper, destruction from weather, fire, or pests... collections being dispersed or destroyed on the death of their owners, or languishing in attics because there is simply no other place to keep them. There's some important stuff that needs to be preserved. For example, the NAL has been promised a vast collection of material pertaining to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a Western Mystery school that was profoundly influential to later groups including the Golden Dawn.

They want to revolutionize the card catalogue concept- have something that can truly cross reference materials in ways that are far too specialized to be used in regular libraries. They want to empower scholars, schools, orders, and traditions, and possibly even act to publish their work.

This is no pipe dream. The sponsors of this project, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, are some of the most organized and dedicated people I know in the esoteric community. They have detailed plans and will use a reliable, cheap and bunker-strength building technology that is excellently suited to the project. They have 33 acres of land already set aside for the project, land that will be fully-owned and tax-free within four years. They've already raised more than $50K so far- in fact, the auction they held at their recent conference raised another $5K, and the conference itself will add considerably to that. When they reach $150K, they'll break ground.

This is planning for the long term. They hope to have it open and running by 2010; even so, it will take years after that for it to flower into full function. But they need help now. Not books and other materials- they don't have the facilities to store or care for them properly. In a few years, they will need donations of skilled time and equipment. But right now, they need money. I know that there are lots of people in this community who are strapped right now- I'm not addressing this to you. But for those of us who can spare a few dollars, please consider it. They're holding fundraising events, and selling a wonderful CD of ritual chants called A Dream Whose Time is Coming.

Please, join me in helping this dream become reality.