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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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How it went
random221b came along for moral support... and because he's a theater junkie. ;-)

I was of course nervous, but it was a friendly, welcoming and informal sort of thing, so that helped me relax.

I went in with realistic expectations, planning on having fun regardless... but also with the intent of getting called back.

They had me read for Marcus twice and Titus once.

After the latter, the director said "Awesome."

They want me to come back on callback night.


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Thanks! So far so good...

Excellent! Kick some tush at your callback!!

Yeah! Congrats, and nice job! Happy to hear it was friendly and welcoming. :)

Yay!! I knew you'd do well!!

Glad it well, hope the callback is as rewarding!

Amazing! Hope you get it!

Awesome! But then again, I had no doubt

Smiles proudly... now go break the other one!

How did I miss your initial post?! I think that is AWESOME! In fact, I am now wondering why in the heck you've not been doing any theatre all these years? Fingers crossed for you - would love to see you onstage!

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