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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Boosting the signal: Jaqui MacMillan needs help!
I'm not part of the FaceBorg, but for those of you who are, you can join this group, created specifically to organize benefit events for Jaqui:

Jaqui is one of the most generous and talented people I know. She spreads joy wherever she goes. Please help her as much as you can.


From Jim Donovan via Facebook:

"I am spearheading an effort to raise money for my dear friend, Jaqui MacMillan, and I am asking for your help.

Jaqui is a beautiful soul whose smile lifts everyone she meets. Jaqui is also an incredibly gifted teacher and musician who has dedicated her life to sharing joy through the art of drumming with children and adults alike. Jaqui is a student of the late master drummer Babatunde Olatunji and was one of the people who tended to Baba in his last days. Recently, Jaqui had some tests done on her abdomen and it was discovered that she has a very large abdominal tumor and w/ malignant characteristics, possibly ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, she is one of those Americans who can't afford health insurance, nor has she been able to qualify for medical assistance so far since she owns a house and a car.

She needs quite a bit of help financially to get her through her surgery and 8 week recovery (to the tune of $25-35K). She is continuing to apply for aid, but is unsure what, if any of it, will come through as she has not qualified for any of it so far.

What I do know is that our community is strong and that together, we can and will come through for her.

My proposals:

To tackle this large sum, I propose that we do a series of benefits, held by the various pillars in each community who are willing to take one (or more) on. So far I am committed to doing 2 benefits, the first of which is the Saint Francis University World Drumming Ensemble Concert on December 5 in Loretto, PA and another concert by my friends and I in Johnstown, PA at the Art Works on Sat December 10. I also commit to scheduling more as needed.

I also propose a series of smaller house party/potluck events to be held by any member of the community that is willing to take it on and organize/promote for Jaqui. I realize that the financial picture for many people is not the greatest right now, and yet I know by pooling our efforts that we can make a sizable dent in what she needs to get through this.

A benefit can take many shapes such as: concerts, workshop/drum circle benefits, soliciting direct donations, raffles, 50/50 house parties and anything else you can think of. Be creative!

What I know is that I can't do this by myself and I also know that everyone is crazy busy, and yet Jaqui really is desperate for some meaningful financial help, and fast. I know if we coordinate our efforts that together we can make a good dent in what she needs.

The reality of the situation from Jaqui:
She has a very large and w/ malignant characteristics, possibly ovarian cancer.
In order to just get in for the surgery she needs a $5,000 down payment. The surgery (alone) can cost anywhere from $7,000 - $10,000. This doesn’t include the fee for the hospital stay, the anesthesiologist, and all of the other tests and doctors who will be sending me their bills. A low rough estimate could be around $25,000. Then there is the time she will be out of work – that is around $5,000 a month (with an 8 week recovery time).

The date for the surgery is Tuesday, November 22nd at 9:20am at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

In addition to sending love, energy, and prayers to her

Here's what you can do:

1. Make a direct donations to Jaqui usin g Paypal at Jaqui@erols.com (Any amount is welcome and no amount is too small).

2. Send her a check (Any amount is welcome and no amount is too small):
Jaqui MacMillan
3438 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD 21158

3. Commit to organizing a benefit in your community asap. If you are committing to a benefit please email me at Jimdonovandrums@gmail.com

4. Volunteer to help anyone who is committing to organizing a benefit in your area.

5. Offer her your ideas and support: Jaqui@erols.com
As you can imagine, she is quite inundated right now getting ready for the surgery, so your message may not get an immediate response.

6. Spread the word, network, help promote, Facebook promote the events in your area and beyond.

If you've made it this far, I thank you for your patience!
Our collective energy is enormous and I fully trust in it. Thank you in advance for anything you can offer.

Much love,
Jim Donovan."