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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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priests with mandibles, prehistoric animals, every ghede happy when the dead come home

Apropos of the Dark Summonings game the last weekend, and under the guidance of the demons GROTON and KRIZANDORNIKK, I dug up this little gem from the vault:

"I propose a new "Hard" spell:

Wall of Voodoo

This creates a Field Of Mystic Force some dozens of square Cubits in Area. All unprotected Persons Of A Human Nature who enter within the span of this Spell become Posessed By An Appropriate Ancestral Spirit, or that of Elvis (those protesting the Anachronistic nature of including the King in this Operation are reminded of Mojo Nixon's justly famed Doctrine Of The Universality Of Presley; those who further note Mr. Nixon's similar Temporal Advantage are directed to Partake Of More Laudanum). Any Individuals Of The Undead Persuasion are also affected- they are not Repelled, but they develop an All-Consuming Hunger For Barbecued Iguana.

This spell is not Useless; but it is almost certainly Unnecessary.

For a Spell that is Both Useless And Unnecessary, I give you:

Wall of Tuna

I will Forbear to describe its Disturbing Effects."

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Ooh! Can I be possessed by Erzulie Freda? She's FUN!

sure... as long as you Behave In An Inappropriate Fashion... I like that.

You'll get plenty of opportunities to do that at GBF.

I gotcher "hard" spell, right heayah...

Actually, I have your "Hard" spell right here.

This makes you my new best friend. This privilege will almost certainly be revoked Saturday.

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