September 26th, 2014


Some cool stuff I did in Mongolia

Some cool stuff I did on our Mongolia trip (in no particular order):

- slept in a ger (actually, 5 different ones, 5 nights in a row)
- herded sheep
- helped milk a cow
- rode a horse for 23 km
- shot a Mongol-style bow (note my new icon!)
- tried airag and arkhi
- ate khuushuur, bansh, buuz, tsuivan, and many other delicious local dishes
- drank milk tea
- ate freshly made yogurt, clotted cream, and aaruul made from milk from our hosts' cattle
- rode in oxcarts
- offered at ovoos
- saw a cultural show with music, song, dance, throat-singing and a contortionist
- crossed the International Date Line twice
- translocated via Coca-Cola can
- stood in awe in front of a monumental statue of Chinggis Khan
- met a shaman and had dinner in her ger
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An amusing note

We picked up a number of Mongolian music CDs, which have been good so far. But as an unintended consequence, I have a dance/electronica/khöömei version of "My Heart Will Go On" stuck in my head. Oh, well, at least it's better than the original...
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