June 7th, 2010


Cats, why did it have to be cats?

So last night, Sophie somehow managed to knock over the basement dehumidifier. It's a goner, but she's OK. She spent the rest of the night persona non grata, and her name was temporarily changed to whatever creative swearing I felt like directing at her.

Sometime in the wee hours, I heard a clattering from the baby-gate that keeps the cats out of my office. There was Zorie, pawing at the grating and seemingly desperate to get... though it? Over it? Then I finally saw the small, miserable-looking mouse that huddled at the top of the gate... she had apparently treed it there. Said mouse was ejected (I didn't want to deal with the row and the ruction of a mouse hunt at that hour, especially since Judy was awake).

::sigh:: Cats.
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Threads LARP

[gotten from the_smith_e though the "drinking buddies" part applies to my character, too]


For anyone interested, the Magic Kingdom game is now open for reg. If you have not cast, consider casting as you get a reduced rate. For this game, monster_girl is the blue track (core deployment) author and it is looking pretty interesting.

I am happy to answer questions people have.

The game will be July 9-11 2010 up near Hamburg PA. It IS outdoors although hotels at night are possible for those who don't like camping.

At the very least, my character will be happy for new drinking buddies. :)

Also look here: http://wiki.threadsofdamocles.org/index.php?title=Main_Page

If you are on Facebook, search on Threads of Damocles