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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

[pagan] Free Spirit Gathering 2010 - price increase soon!
The registration fee for Free Spirit Gathering is going to be increasing soon. Don't wait to register- you can always put down a deposit and pay the balance later.

Hope you can make it!

[DC local] Scottish Cask Ale Tasting at the Brickskeller
"APRIL 6 and 7 at the Brickskeller

The return of the skirt wearing flower picker!
BRUCE WILLIAMS of Heather Ale fame is BACk!

Hoot Bro!

Breeewwwzzzie is a master brewer of the real thing. True authentic Real Ale in cask made in real authentic Scotland . He will be bringing a wide range of Real Ales from his Williams Brothers brewery including the introduction a new line of beers never before offered in the US’o’A! Those who know the lad are well familiar with and anxiously look forward to his fascinating and hilariously funny tales of all things Scottish!

This is a GREAT, wonderfully enjoyable, interesting and edamakshunal evening!

For ticket ordering information go to www.LoveTheBeer.com and click on the events tap handle."

monsteralice, ravenrose, mohnkern and I (amongst others) have been to Bruce Williams-hosted tastings a couple of times before- they are always a lot of fun and the ale is nothing short of awesome. Williams is the man behind the company that makes Fraoch Heather Ale amongst others... good stuff, good times!

I think monsteralice and I will be going on the 6th. Hope you can make it, too!