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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

Edward II
monsteralice and I just saw Marlowe's Edward II at the new Shakespeare Theatre Harman Hall.

Marlowe was a very powerful and energetic writer. I think "Edward II" stacks up well against mid-grade Shakespeare- there was a lot of energy to the language, but it wasn't quite as lyrical or moving as the Bard at his best. Still, it was exciting, full of blood and thunder- Marlowe seems to have been dab hand at handling rage and fury, if nothing else.

The cast was superb, especially Wallace Acton as Edward II and Andrew Long as Mortimer. It was nice to see Long back at the Shakespeare Theatre; Francelle Steward Dorn also returned for this one. The setting (mostly established by costuming) was early 20th century England, which worked pretty well; I was reminded of the Ian McKellen "Richard III", which isn't necessarily a bad thing... The music also fit the time period- bombastic classical for scene changes, with jazz for the lighter parts.

The new theater is very nice; I think it's a bit bigger than the Landsburgh, but still comes off as almost intimate (at least in this configuration). The lobby is a bit sterile and modernistic, albeit airy- I just wish there was a better view out the windows than the Verizon Center. The catering actually seems to be a better deal than at the Landsburgh- at least the portions were bigger. ;-) Parking is a bit more complicated, but there seems to be enough of it.

We're going to see Marlowe's Tamburlaine in a couple of weeks... can't wait!