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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

some thoughts on social /environmental activism

Some contentious and incomplete ponderings:

1. Humanity is essentially neither good nor evil. We are, however, generally shortsighted, self-centered and lazy.

2. Humans are capable of great generosity and self-sacrifice, especially for their neighbors, friends and family, while at the same time being capable of great callousness towards those who are far away and/or "other".

3. Guilt and hysteria as motivators may produce short-term positive results, but are in the medium and long-term extremely negative.

4. Fanaticism is easy and negative. True moderation and the "higher common sense" are difficult and positive.

5. Creating Enemies and dehumanizing them is a corrosive trap, and destroys compassion.

6. The planet doesn't need to be saved. The biosphere doesn't need to be saved. Humanity needs to be saved.

7. Any movement or philosophy that depends on humanity being other than they are, or requires a radical and rapid shift in human nature in order for it to work, is at best never going to involve more than a minority of people, and at worst doomed.

8. Like politics, all activism is local. Even with a global issue, you have to make it relevant to people, and give it context. Educate, don't browbeat- then tell them what they can do, and how to do it.

9. Dogma belongs to religions.

Any movement that doesn't realize the above can leave me out of it.

EDIT: well, I did say "contentious". And I'm not in the best of mood/spirits these days, so that certainly colors things...