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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday is almost a dry-day
So, probably shouldn't have said anything about Irene leaving the basement dry, since Lee dumped so much rain on us this week that there was a stream flowing merrily through the basement, out the garage door, and down the driveway. Thank the gods that even the basement is above street level on that side, and that I was home yesterday to fix the window-well pump. But still, the basement is going to be wet (and smell like a**) for a while. At least we have a nearly new roof...

Went to the Xanodria "Tourney" last weekend, which was a lot of fun- it was amazingly humid, but not too hot. The climactic battle was interrupted by a huge red-cell thunderstorm that came racing through... but at least it made a cool backdrop for fighting the baddies before it broke. Good times...

Nothing else much to report. I've decided my new camera will be a Canon Powershot Elph 300... it had good reviews, and seems to be just the sort of straight-ahead "I want to take a picture, dammit, not play with settings" camera that I want. It's also insanely tiny, like a spy camera. I love living in the future.

Haven't updated people on my reading recently. Just finished "Hounded", the first book in the "Iron Druid Chronicles" by Kevin Hearne. Celtic mythology, urban fantasy, and Dresden-files level of snarky humor... fun! Also finally got around to reading "The Dragonbone Chair" by Tad Williams, which was slow starting but drew me in after a bit (though the protagonist is such a whiny, useless 15-year out git at times that I wanted to slap him). I alternated that with "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan- the trilogy when completed will be a modern retelling of "Dracula". The book was gripping and cinematic, with some truly disgusting vampires (didn't want to read it while eating).

In non-fiction, I'm finally getting around to reading "Urban Voodoo" by Black and Hyatt- Black comes off as a complete arrogant douche... monsteralice says that Hyatt isn't much better, but they both got slapped around by the spirits, so it should be interesting from that angle at least. Also re-read "Riding Windhorses" by Sarangarel, a fine presentation of Mongolian/Altaic shamanism as a spiritual path.

Near-deluge conjures floods,
And the sun, well-hidden, seems
True to its millions of miles
Of distance. Streams swell,
Break their banks, and the erosion
Claims a resonance inside
As the ceaseless storms
Overcast my day.

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Guillermo Del Toro writes books???

This is apparently his first...

I'm looking at the Lytro for my next camera. If it works as described, it takes "I just want to take the picture" to extreme levels, and I haven't been a geeky early adopter on anything in quite a while.

Let me know how it works for you...

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