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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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So, I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera. I want something that is relatively easy to use; I'm planning on using it for vacation photos, so it doesn't need to be all that sophisticated. Any recommendations?

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I really like my Cannon Rebel. Its a SLR but I really like great pictures and easy to use

I adore my Panasonic Lumix. Great little camera. Mine I got just before going to Italy, which was quite some time ago, and I'm still very happy with the quality of pics I get from it. While I own a digital SLR, I find that for travel this camera works better. A quick search located this one which looks similar:


My Canon PowerShot was very reliable, got great photos, had an excellent zoom, great resolution (and megapixels are much easier to come by now than back when I got the camera originally), survived being dropped more times than I care to count, and didn't chew batteries too badly, when one wasn't using the flash.

The flash is super-powerful-- pro photographers at two different weddings asked me if I was using a Canon PowerShot, and if I'd mind waiting to take my pics when aiming at the same subject/s as they were, as my flash was as powerful as theirs. :-)

If I were going to buy another point-and-shoot, I'd get another Canon PowerShot, and/or one of the Elph models.

Sutragirl and I love our Canon Rebel and we loved our Canon PowerShot before that... but I have to confess, the silly little camera on the iPhone is so astonishingly good that most of our favorite photos of the recent trip to Italy were all shot on the iPhone!

I have to recommend the Canon Powershot as well. Great Photos (the Video is pretty good as well), great resolution, and with an 8 Gig Memory card it can give you over 1800 photos - enough for a pretty sizable vacation.

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