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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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We quite reasonably decided to go up to the cabin this weekend, which just happened to be out of the predicted path of Irene. It was fine up there- a bit of rain, and very humid on Saturday, but nothing much else. I was still getting texts from the Arlington Alert System, which was reporting various ominous things, so I was a bit worried.

When we got home, we found:

- dry basement
- no sign of power interruption
- nothing other than twigs on the roof
- a couple of branches in the back yard, nothing else

I am extraordinarily happy (once again) that we had a controlled (albeit expensive) end last year to the poor old mulberry tree in the back yard... that could have been a bad thing to have come down yesterday.

Oh, and... I recently got a bonus from work, and one of the things I decided to get was a Vodou flag- a Simbi one if possible. I also wanted the money to go to a good cause if at all possible.

It took me a little Google-fu, but I found these people:


And they were selling this as one of their fundraising items:


It arrived on Friday and... the picture just doesn't do it justice.

I left it unfolded in my room over the weekend. I'm not saying correlation is causation... but the Simbis oversee things like rain, ground-water, lightning and other electricity... Ayibobo!

Zanmi Lakay is selling other cool stuff to help support their mission:


The flags are pricey (but competitive compared to other places), but
they have metal art and paintings that are less expensive.

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