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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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As mentioned in my last post, we went to the American Visionary Art Museum last Sunday, and had a wonderful time followed by a tasty meal. Saturday had been a little more exciting- monsteralice's parents are moving to a much smaller apartment, and we went up to Delaware to retrieve a table that had been made from the dock where her family used to keep their sailboat. It was a bit exciting because there were rain showers all the way up, as well as many instances of water-soluble driving skills. Table was retrieved with no problem, then we stopped at a local (and very good) liquor store to stock up on DFH beer and other taste treats.

The work week was fairly normal. Tuesday, the Dogfish Head Alehouse was having an excellent hotdog special, and I'd just gotten a coupon, so we had to go... Wednesday I went up to hang out with the_smith_e, and got to help him tell his daughter V her bedtime story... she's just adorable, and it was a lot of fun. the_smith_e and I had a lot of good conversation, helped along by some excellent Irish whiskey that I got in Delaware.

Today I got Capt. Gordon to do some touchup work on my Obsidian Butterfly and Pisces tattoos... monster_girl and PB gave me a ride up to Time Bomb... since monster_girl wanted to see the process and discuss a design with the Capt., it wasn't too much of an trial for them. We spent a lovely afternoon hanging out up there and in Bethesda, then I got home in time to walk Mungo and go out with monsteralice and run errands during the severe thunderstorm that rolled through here this evening.

Lightning flicker, thunder rumble-
Growing up, they thrilled my heart,
Delighted me with the first touch
Of a love just slightly unsafe.
Now, as my dog quivers at each boom,
Or the lash of the rain drives,
Destructive, at a roof I must maintain,
The dark oncoming walls of storm
Evoke more sighs and frets than else.
Still, the majesty calls to me,
Raising an echo of a once untrammeled time.

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Thank you Lord Ragnar. :)

It was a good evening. I hope to have you back soon.

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