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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday update
Our trip to the cabin was a bit too exciting this time. To start with, monsteralice tripped on the new stairs (which are sort of half-done) and now has a humongous bruise on her thigh. :-( Then, on Saturday, we were getting ready to go out to dinner... and the Bat wouldn't start. It was awfully damp out, and I had had problems like this in the past with other cars, so I tried not to panic, and we waited until Sunday morning. We finished breakfast, loaded everything but the dogs, and closed the cabin. The Bat started- just barely. So we drove home (just fine) and unloaded with the engine still running, then dropped it off at the shop. Sure enough, the battery needed replacing. Papa Legba got some extra rum and praise, you can be sure...

Monday I was supposed to start a 48-hour ambulatory EEG. I took a cab to the neurologist's (public transport there is possible but too uncertain time-wise to make it feasible in the morning), and found out that they had forgotten to put me on the schedule! >:-( They've been really good otherwise, so I'm not giving them a downcheck yet. OTOH, I have to wait now until Sept. unless there's a cancellation. Feh.

No movies this week, but we had a lovely meal out with deboranter at Sushi-Zen, and it was as entertaining as any Hollywood production...

Got a substantial bonus this week, which was unexpected but it makes me very happy. Our new CFO/IT Director is doing many good things... I'm very pleased.

Finished "The Osiris Ritual"- shaping up to be a good series. Read (devoured, actually) Jim Butcher's "Ghost Story" (the latest "Dresden Files" novel), and I was very happy with it... some heavy but very satisfying stuff in there, and some good laughs, too. Decided to follow up with a few short stories in Tim Pratt's "Marla Mason" urban fantasy series, and now am re-reading Guy Gavriel Kay's "Under Heaven". I have Butcher's "Side Jobs" story collection, but I want to get a little distance before diving back into the "Files"... Finished "The Nightless City" and went through Raven Kaldera's "Pagan Astrology"- quite good. Now I'm reading sabrinamari's book... and taking notes, since there will be a book report. ;-)

Something like a serried set
Of wheels spinngin; wind fanned
Stars' sparkle, planets' steady shine-
A fuguing chiming, subtle
Yet steady. A touch-
Here, here, here- far-off
Like insect wings horizon-sunk,
Fluttering storms and calms
Into the forecasts of our lives.

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I'm glad the bat had that last little boost of power to get you guys home safe!


It's still a little wonky on starting, so I think it's going back into the shop. :-(

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