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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Sunday I've got Friday on my mind?
So, getting to this a little late because of LJ difficulties, plus I blame the weather.

Speaking of that, it was hot hot hot at Xanodria, but the game went well for all that. Fairly slow-moving (thankfully), but some good dramatic stuff and some genuinely funny bits, too. Took me a while to recover, as you might imagine, although I did manage to avoid heat exhaustion.

Saw “Captain America” last week… a rousing good time! I’ve really enjoyed all the “Avengers” movies I’ve seen so far (the “Iron Man” ones are my favorites), and now I’m looking quite forward to the team-up movie itself- the trailer is promising, at least.

Finished “A Dance With Dragons.” I’m generally pretty happy with it… lots of surprises, cliff-hangers, and cool scenes. I’m getting the feeling that the board is set for an active series of moves in the Game, although (what with two books still left), I’m not expecting the endgame to start right away. Now I have to wait until the next one comes out… Oh, well- Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story” should be out now, and then there will be other things to read. After the last extended wait, I’m not going to be biting my nails over it or anything.

Up to the cabin this weekend… hot and dry, but not too bad in our shady neck of the woods. Generally a relaxing and low-key weekend.

Night’s tiny fliers spin
To the chant and trill outside:
Transparent near the lights,
And through the cooling air.
I am wise, do not move
To that syncopation,
And so the sweat remains
A trace across my brow.

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If Daenerys Targaryen does not get out of Meereen, I'm just going to quit reading her chapters. I have totally lost interest in her vascillations! But Wyman Manderly - now he was a much welcomed surprise! I thought Dance was better than A Feast For Crows, but not up there with Thrones or Storm of Swords...just hoping it will not be another six years til the next novel! :)

Yeah, Daenerys was kinda "stuck" for that book... but I can see why- her "tragic flaw" seems to be too much compassion. Hope that her experience towards the end changes that.

I seem to be one of the few out there who honestly enjoyed A Feast For Crows- I thought the story and characters were very interesting, and wasn't bothered by "nothing happening." But I tend to be a very trusting reader... I'm fine with GRRM telling the story he wants to tell. It's nothing at all like the "Wheel of Time", where I gave up after the repetition and chaos overwhelmed the story, while the characters essentially didn't change. With AGoT, I've always had the feeling that GRRM has a definite story firmly in mind, no matter how things may change and the length expand.

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