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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday update
So, as you can imagine the weekend was fairly quiet. Didn't make it up to the cabin- car being in the shop and my frazzled state just made that a no-go. Saw the first part of "Deathly Hallows" via Netflix- now I'm really psyched for the finale, but damn there were a lot of commercials on that DVD. Also saw "Super 8", which was great! Lots of echoes of my own childhood in there... especially the part where the deputy wants his son to have "normal friends"- I got that line from my parents a lot. I also hung out with people who made amateur movies.

Everyone was glad to see me back at work on Monday. Luckily, the week was fairly calm...

I'm still feeling a little fragile. I'm concentrating on a mantra that I got from (of all places) the "Ghost Rider" movie: "You can't live in fear." Tomorrow I get an EEG, which should be... interesting. I'm supposed to be somewhat sleep-depped (apparently that can induce seizure-related patterns to show up) but not caffeinated. ::groan:: I'm hoping that this combo will not induce anything alarming... like my Fist of Death. ;-)

Today, I have off (making up for us missing a Federal holiday or two during the school year) and I'm mostly slacking off. I did make up a spreadsheet to show what's in my Beer Cellar. This shows that I have my priorities straight.

Finished reading Not In Kansas Anymore, which I highly recommend. Now reading Subterranean Cities, which is interesting but framed in almost insufferable modern literary academese. I really end up wanting to smack the writer. On Kindle, last week I finished "Changes" in the Harry Dresden series (can't wait for "Ghost Story"!) and "Valiant" by Holly Black; this week I read "Ironside" by Holly Black (thus finishing that YA faeriepunk series- good stuff!) and am now reading "A Deepness in the Sky" by Vernor Vinge.

Summer's heat, and yet I shiver-
What coils down deep, unseen?
Some part ticking away
To another treason?
Or mere fragments of blind chance,
Fading to forgottenness?
What is better- to find the monster,
Or find nothing at all?

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Somehow I missed the original post about your health issues. I'll be thinking of you friend. Good luck.

Uh, good luck with the EEG? (Somehow I doubt there's a greeting card for that. ;-)

I read Territory by Emma Bull recently, which you may have long since read. I got it from the library; not sure when it was published, but it didn't look too well-worn. Urban fantasy meets very historical Western.

Thanks. ;-) I think we have "Territory" but I haven't gotten around to it...

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