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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday update on Saturday (but with good reason)
So, I was at work on Thursday, not long before lunch, and all was
well. The next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance, strapped to a
gurney with an EMT leaning over me. Apparently I had had a seizure or
something at my desk, and had been a little resistant to the EMTs...

Long story short, they admitted me overnight and I got a battery of
tests. I am... pleased? to report that the MRI may be the noisiest
experience in medical testing, and it's really surreal to get one at
3AM. They found nothing indicative of anything in particular. To add
a certain grim humor to the situation, the regular doc talked to me
late in the evening, when I was drowsy, and therefore thought I was
disoriented. He also wildly misinterpreted my answers about alcohol,
ending with him putting a note about "alcohol abuse" on my chart...

Anyway, I went home yesterday afternoon and I'm OK, except that I'm
*really* tired and my leg, neck, and stomach muscles are really sore.
I am also, as you might imagine, kind of freaked out. And to make
things better, apparently I'm not allowed to drive by the VA DMV for 6
months. Yay.

I don't need anything physical/material right now. If you feel like
doing something spiritual/magical, please *don't* send energy
directly- not Reiki, not nothin'! I feel that such things might make
matters worse. Instead, please send prayers/make requests/offerings
to Brigid, Sulis, or healer deities/spirits that you work with. Thank
you for your consideration.

Unquiet night world-
Suspended here in a web
Of voices, I wait.

But . . . you're forgetting an important detail. Did you get to eat your lunch?

Naw, I'm foolin'. I'm sorry you have to be in pain and that you had to go through that litany of bizarre tests, but on the up side, it didn't kill you. According to Nietzsche, anyway, that means YOU ARE NOW STRONGER. I like it when my friends grow stronger. Grr!

As for spiritual healing and so forth, I don't think any deities that would listen to me would be any help to you, so instead, I give you an offering from the best healer I know: laughter.

Here's hoping you are back up and kicking before you know it. Get better soon!

Prayers fir your well-being sent out into the universe. Blessings, my friend!

Holy crap that's scary!!! Glad to hear that you are okay but I still think it's a little worrying that the docs didn't find anything. Any follow up tests? Hope this doesn't happen again.

EEG Sat. 7/2. Other than that, we'll see what my regular doc and/or the neurologist think. monsteralice thinks it won't happen again... hope she's right- she often is.

(Deleted comment)
Wow, that's really scary. I hope they figure out soon if something is wrong. Hang in there.

Sometimes brains just misfire. Had a college roommate, post college, that something similar happened to. Whole six months no driving, etc. Made life interesting for a while for him. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong then either. Several years without a repeat or any related issues, and I'll hope the same holds true for you.

Thank you. That's very encouraging. monsteralice thinks that this is my case, too... she's quite often right about such things.

Prayers sent. ::hug:: offered.

Don't do that.

Honest to gods, I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't need to see the inside of an MRI machine that much...

Oh, my goodness - I'm so sorry this happened, and so grateful that you're okay and it didn't turn out any worse....

I am so sorry!! Definitely will send healing prayers outward to you wrapped up with a gentle hug.

Ay-yi-yi! That must have been scary! I hope you're doing better now, aside from normal post-seizure fatigue, aches and muzziness.

Brains are funny old things.

Lighting a candle to Bridget for you - no repeats!

Thank you. Much better now...

I'm really glad you're ok. Figures you would have a neuron up there that decided to pull a "hold my beer and watch this" on you...

Not like you don't have enough to worry about, but if you end up going back for a check-up and have some free time (you might even be able to handle it via e-mail), you may wanna talk to one of the hospital administrators about what your doctor wrote in your chart that you disagree with. Docs write down all kinds of unjustified things that can adversely affect the care you receive in the future, your health insurance, or even a background check. That's the wildly-worse-case scenario, but I have met a few elderly patients that had to wait longer than usual to go home because a doctor wrote "dementia" (a permanent condition, usually indicating a persistent degenerative issue) when the patient really only had "delirium" (a temporary condition that can be fixed with, for example, correction of an electrolyte imbalance or a good night's sleep).

I could see a hospital giving you one medication rather than another without consulting you on the assumption that your liver had been damaged by alcohol abuse, just as an example. Again, probably not going to be hugely major one way or another, but like an error on your credit report, it's the kind of thing it's better to fix than not-fix.

It's very unlikely that they will remove anything from your chart (even scratching things out is a big no-no), but you can ask that they add an additional note or letter to clarify.

Thank you for the advice. I'm probably going to contact the patient advocate tomorrow.

When I had my seizures it tok them two years to figure out it was sudden drastic drops in blood sugar. (By the time they checked the gloucose levels I had already been rehydrated or fed so they were back up.) Fortuntely, its' manageable with diet and watching for warning signs. Hopefully yours will turn out to be that easy too.

Good thought, but I think my sugar levels were actually measuring high if anything. But I'm sure it's something that my doc and I will chat about...

Along Kitte's line I was thinking of severe allergic reaction to an unknown ingested allergen. Along the line of having a mild allergy for 40 years and the body finally say 'f-ck it'. Having seen this happen to more than a few of my getting-older-friends, it's worth mentioning.

prayers sent and hugs available for when you choose.

Possible, but the frustrating thing is that I didn't do anything that day that I haven't been doing for years...

The soreness after a seizure always sucks and it usually lasts for about a week.

I hope you feel better really soon.