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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday update
Another lovely weekend at the cabin. We didn't do much of anything except crafty stuff (I painted a divination bowl, while monsteralice worked on more knitting-related tasks). It was nice enough out that we decided to grill (lovely bratwursts), then we watched "Pitch Black", which we'd never seen before... pretty good for a B movie.

The DSL at home decided to kick up a fuss on Monday, which was annoying (especially since it was still wacky on Wednesday, when I was working from home). Verizon finally seems to have it fixed, though. ::knocks wood::

Finished "Deathless" and "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down". My impressions about them from last week stand. Also read "Moon Shot" by Jay Barbree with Alan Shepard (and purportedly Deke Slayton). OK... a little too purple in the prose, and a bit slipshod about details; it also descended into an annoying political rant at the end. Not an essential read.

Now I'm reading "Flash of the Spirit" by Robert Farris Thompson- it's a classic about West African cultures and religions and their influence on African diaspora culture and religion. Recommended reading for anyone interested in Vodou, Santeria, Ifa, etc. So far, I'm finding it lucid, fascinating, and well-reasoned. Also just started "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness- another urban/modern fantasy; so far it's engaging though the prose style is a bit awkward.

Some extra-stinky weather this week... I hope it's getting out of the way now so that FSG will be more temperate. ::fingers crossed:: I'm expecting FSG prep to devour my weekend as usual; this is why I never make it to the Xanodria game that they tend to schedule this weekend.

This week's poem:

Fireflies rise, tugging the night
Up from the tangled weeds. The dog
Sees them too, but her attention
Is more devoted to the twilight scents
Hovering in the moveless air.
Our worlds touch very little at times,
Yet- she spots me, wags, trots back
And we return inside together.

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Evcelt, I have a favor to ask of you at FSG. May I have about ten minutes of your time during festival?

It would be my pleasure... ten minutes or more as needed. Shall we find each other there or attempt to schedule ahead of time?

Hmmmm...let's aim for connecting while we are there. Chances are good that I will spy you on the grounds during an afternoon, or we can always take ten minutes at the fire circle.

Overlapping worlds: beautiful poem.

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