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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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positive energy
Oh, why the heck not?

Post a comment here, and I will reply by telling you something that I like about you. It may be big or it may be little, but it will definitely be genuine.

If you participate in this meme, please consider posting it on your blog too. :)

You are honorable, gentlemanly, and thoughtful. I'm privileged to be a witness and occasional helper in your spiritual journey.


You are very good at constructive introspection, and you communicate very well.

(Deleted comment)
You are sweet-natured, wacky, and intelligent.

Yes, please.

I like this meme. I already have it in my LJ.

You are generous and compassionate, and I admire your fortitude.

You have a wonderful sense of humor, and a great deal of inner strength.

(Deleted comment)
You have a delightfully wicked wit and a wonderfully calm presence.

You feel very deeply and you are very genuine; you also have a great deadpan sense of humor.

And, you're a fellow Shriekback fan!


And since I'm not online a lot, I'll post a positive about you.. I love how we can talk about spiritual things that can get very deep and intense with ease. And every day I look at the sketch that you and your lovely wife bought me and think of both of you. Thank you.

You have faced your own descent, encounter with the Underworld Lady, and return with great courage. You are full of love and compassion.

It was amazing how quickly I "clicked" with you as a friend. I admire your breadth of experience, your determination, and your wide-ranging mind.

Also, you've had a great influence on the_smith_e. ;-)

You are very calm and centered while still being affectionate and humorous. You face your trials with a great deal of grace and honesty.

You have a very forthright and happy sort of energy to you which makes you a lot of fun to be around. I also approve of your influence on the_smith_e. And I like geeking about the Age of Sail with you. ;-)

I admire you so much for your fortitude in dealing with the crap that life has handed you. You are an amazing writer. And I love to dance with you... or even just watch you dance.

As I said on The Smith E's journal...I love when this meme comes around!

You give some of the best hugs ever. You're enthusiastic and helpful.

I'd certainly be interested in a comment, and will leave one for you as well...
For as delightfully mischievous as you can be, you are also someone that can be counted on in any sort of emergency, and this is a rare thing. I offer you great respect, sir.

You have a ready and delightful wit, and your cynicism is leavened with a capacity for deep and passionate feeling. You are one of my favorite people to roleplay with.

Give me some love, dear!

You face and embrace transformation, not fearlessly but without allowing fear to rule you. You radiate your life of joy like an aurora, and it blesses everyone it touches.