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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Friday post
Last weekend we finally got back to the cabin, which is always relaxing. Made a jaunt out to the UToS ceremony, but otherwise slacked off and worked on crafty projects.

Mungo's GI issues seem to be clearing up, which is a mercy. I inadvertently triggered an obsession in him by wedging a small treat into his Kong- he got very possessive of it, especially since Judy kept trying to take it away from him. Alas, I ended up having to make it vanish for the nonce. It's not like he doesn't have other things.

We went to see "Old Times" at the Shakespeare Theater. Let it suffice to say that we are not impressed with Pinter... except possibly impressed with the desire to avoid his work at all costs in the future. It was very well acted and staged... but excruciating. Not our cuppa.

Finished "River Marked" by Patricia Briggs- I like the Mercy Thompson series in general, and this one takes things to a new level in a lot of ways. Now I'm reading "Bloodshot" by Cherie Priest. I've read a number of Ms. Priest's steampunk novels and enjoyed them a lot; this one is urban fantasy with a vampire thief as the protagonist, and it's mighty entertaining. I also recently read and enjoyed "The Fuller Memorandum" (the latest Charles Stross "Laundry Files" novel - "tradecraft meets Lovecraft") and "Turn Coat" by Jim Butcher (finally playing catch up on the Dresden Files).

Back up to the cabin tonight for a three-day weekend. That will be lovely...

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You mean that I'm not the only one to feel less than impressed by Pinter's plays?! ::feeling so much better::

Hope you have a good weekend.

I'm not a fan of Pinter as well. Blah.

Pinter is probably one of my least favorite playwrights, closely followed by Samuel Beckett.

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