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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Well, I suppose I'll hop on the "Friday Update" bandwagon...
This is prehensile_wit's idea, and I think it's a good one...

In general, work things that were bugging me earlier this year have settled down or gone away.

Last weekend was my first Xanodria LARP of the year (I missed the first one). Lots of fun... my character was, as usual, the calm center for a lot of others' angst cyclones. Did a lot more fighting than usual, which meant I was achy at the start of the week.

At some point, I need to write something about my experiences playing a priest at Xanodria for something like eight years(!) now, and how that has benefited my RL ministerial work...

Bought and planted a couple of rose bushes in the front yard. Hoping they will do well. Next year, I think I may do some actual gardening...

Mungo-dog ate some (relatively soft) plastic over the weekend then barfed some of it up on Tuesday. Took him to the vet, who found no blockages or other problems. He passed most of it since then, and seems his normal bouncy self. He's doing well at his training class- he's a very smart dog. He just needs to be less of a spaz.

At some point, I need to post the results of the poetry class I took in March.

monsteralice is going away to a craft retreat next week... I'll miss her, but I'll have the dogs and cats to divert me, plus some DVDs I've been meaning to watch.

Looking forward to FSG, and to the next UToS service in a couple of weeks...

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Looking forward to FSG too.

Which DVDs?

Need to finish BSG season 3, and there are some other things in my backlog...

Looking forward to UToS at FSG. And hanging out with UToS peeps in general, at FSG, now that I'll have more free time to do so.

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