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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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[DC Area] Mid-level web designer position
A co-worker passed this on to me:

DC metro area firm is seeking an experienced mid-level web developer -- proficient in ASP, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, JAVA with adequate visual design abilities -- to work on contract full-time downtown (near Metro) for an excellent high-profile government client. Job duties will be solely oriented around servicing this client full-time during business hours and include website and intranet updates/maintenance, project management and execution, reporting to the client. Must be a self-starter, independent worker, team player, and collaboration-oriented individual who needs little direction/supervision, with excellent English language skills. Must be detail-oriented and ensure all communications -- whether over the phone or via email -- are composed in an appropriate and professional manner. Timely responsiveness to phone and email requests is a must, as are accuracy and attention to detail. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office.

The following are requirements in order of priority...

Top Priorities:
-- MS ASP (expert)
-- MS SQL (proficient to expert)
-- JavaScript (proficient to expert)
-- CSS (expert)
-- HTML (expert)
-- Adequate Visual Interface Design Capabilities
-- Experience with Government Clients
-- Collaborative, Professional Personality
-- 508 Compliance (proficient to expert)

Should Be either somewhat familiar with or proficient in:
-- JQuery
-- XML
-- RSS
-- Flash / ActionScript 2.0
-- QuickTime
-- Photoshop
-- Dreamweaver

Advantage to Have Any Measurable Experience in:
-- Teamsite (familiar to proficient)
-- Sharepoint (familiar)
-- Podcasting
-- PHP (low priority, but a plus in certain situations)
-- ColdFusion (familiar)
-- FileMaker Pro
-- Design for Print (i.e., Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, etc)

If you're interested, email me or leave your email in comments (screened) and I will get you the contact email.