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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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This is my fault
I instigated (and paid money for) this:

The Tuatha De Dannan know how to fight a f***ing war

Also, I appear to have a new name...

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Oh, yeah, & you mention it SO casually, 'cuz, you're not, like, braggin', or nuthin'...

(snicker, snort, guffaw ROFTLMHOHMSWTIME!!!)

DIES of just totally loving this!!!

The rest of his stuff is good too...

Oh, I know, I've read it before, it's hysterical.

That is a most righteous myth indeed.

Indeed. The rest of his stuff is good, too.

Coffee. Out. The. Nose.

Yeah, that's about my reaction to it, too.

I <3 that blog. I also now want to write stories about Guns "Huge Dick" Fistheart.

I love you, Guns "Huge Dick" Fistheart!

*cannot breathe now*

On second thought, I won't click that link...it is a silly place.:)

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