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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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I need a hug
Ugh, what a day.

In training, but still had to deal with weird tech snags, eejits, and minor douchebaggery at work.

Training plagued by technical difficulties.

I have some kind of persistent sinus/ear problem... not wildly painful, but enough to make me grumpy.

And to cap it all off, Mungo escaped and we had a harrowing couple of hours until the Arlington Animal Welfare called us to say that he'd been brought in. He got out because the gate (which we always have closed and latched) was left standing open. I blame kids next door, who I've seen climbing our fence to get balls and stuff in the past. And we can't lock it because the electric meter is back there.

And because of that, I missed the first session of my poetry master class.

And I still have work to do before I can crash, and I'm mortally tired.

This day is fired.

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At least he's safe though, and I'm sorry today was so crappy!


*kicks today for you*

*hugs* That does sound like a truly crummy day - though I'm glad the new puppy was found again, and safe.

Sending hopes that tomorrow is better.....

*hugs* this too shall pass.
I'm glad everyone's safe and sound.

Best of luck with everything. I remember the days of "Work, work, work, class, class, class, screw sleep!"

As far as the puppy pen, you can't lock it, but can you pseudo lock it with something that makes it more of a PITA to unlatch it for the idle passerbye? Some sort of cotter-pin set up or twisted wire hanger?


I bungeed it shut. I can/will do more if need be.

Yes indeed. I can empathise with the suckage, so -Hugs

You may be able to do some mad science(tm) or kludging with your gate.

If your gate is the kind that swings to open, you can attach a bungee cord to the inside of the fence and then to the gate, such that when you open the gate, the bungee is being stretched. (If it's chain link, you can even weave the bungee thru the links on the gate)
It will then, when let go, tend to pull itself shut. This won't make it latch, of course. BUT,
1) If the gate is mostly closed it will present at least *some* message of "gate closed" to the doggie (and provide some resistance if he tries to squeeze thru)
2) It will also send the message to people who open and close it, as to what the default state should be, and possibly encourage those using the gate to latch it.


good idea on the bungee. i have one looping it shut, but i will try your idea.


Glad the pup is safely home. Is there any chance of having the meter moved? It might be worth it to check with the power company to see if that's an option. (Trust me to come at the problem from a wacky angle :-)


not sure... worth checking.

Sorry to hear that. Hope today is better.


and a few extra hugs stored in your back pocket for later in the day!

thanks. the extras are always a good idea, too.

I think you have the ear/sinus thing I had all last week...constant dull headache.

FWIW, it's not a tumor.



glad it's not a tumor, because it's not amusing like divalion's. ;-)

*HUG* so glad he turned up safe and sound. Sorry your day was so crappy; I hope this gorgeous day turns out better for you.

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