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Meet Mr. Mungo Dogfin!

So, monsteralice and I have been planning to get a new Emergency Backup Dog for some time- not that Judy's been showing her age, but we wanted to have the succession in place, as it were... We decided to go with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, which is where we got Sophie and Zorie- they're good people and have a no-nonsense and simple process for adoption.

After some searching and a bit of mojo, we found our boy! He's a 19-month-old hound/shepherd (we think) mix, sweet-tempered, mellow and affectionate. We decided that the name "Mungo" fit him right away... we arrived at "Dogfin" through the mysterious processes of our group mind.

He's a little uncertain but seems to be settling in nicely. Judy is jealous and has been being a bit aggro to him, but he's very non-confrontational so the drama has been fairly minimal. The cats of course think that we have brought Satan amongst them. Mungo seems mostly disinterested in them unless they run- then he wants to chase them... sort of; he's not really hyper about it. We're sure they'll either get used to him and he'll get bored- or he'll corner one and she'll put The Fear into him but good. ;-)

Anyway, pix!

Just a little dog?

Or not so little?

Nope, not so little!

He's ready for his closeup!

My Valentinr - evcelt
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Aww, congrats! What a sweet face. Hope the settling in goes well.

He looks a lot like my Molly did, who was an aussie Shepard cocker mix... mostly the brown accents he has and the body shape reminds me of her... maybe some cocker in him?

What a sweetie. I'm jealous.

i was just thinking the same thing! he's got mollydog's face. maybe its just the love

Yeah, he's a bit similar to our Molly-dog's looks...

Don't know his history, but it's sure possible!

and yeah, not so small ;)

He's a cutie, all right. And a big galoot. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Adorabus!! I love his brown and white "socks".

And his paws have spots on them!

*so wants to give him cuddles and scritches.*

<---normal reaction to doggies of all kinds.

He would give you many kisses. He's a big ol' kissy-face.

Horray for the new EBD! Mungolicious!

We considered "Valentine" for his last name, but "Dogfin" won out.

Good call. Mungo Valentine sounds like a villain from, like, Rocky XXVII or something.

What a precious!! His face, his little curly sleeping position, his eyes - everything!! Give him hggies & kissies from me & the children (The Hubby (tm) will just wave...)

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