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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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"the friendly silence of the Moon"
So, one of the things I received for Yule was an art film- a quiet and meditative piece composed of found footage, with narration composed of interview quotes and recordings made at the same time as the footage, and an atmospheric score by Brian Eno...

But it was also a documentary about the Apollo Program: For All Mankind, an absolutely stunning 1989 production directed by Al Reinert. He and his crew had access to a huge NASA archive of footage from the program, and put it together as a collage to show the progress of an archetypical mission from liftoff to splashdown. It's funny and haunting and beautiful, and at times very moving- there's one point where you see the Mission Control crew, their faces unguarded, looking in wonder at an image of Earth from space...

Or when you hear Michael Collins mentioning how he wanted to be down there with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin... it sent a pang of sympathy through my heart. You see, being an astronaut was my first dream, dashed by my developing severe myopia in 4th grade, and buried under the boatload of traumatic nonsense that accompanied my adolescence. I suppose I could have gone up on the Shuttle or to the ISS if my life had followed a different path. That's not to say that I'm dissatisfied with this path- far from it. But still, I feel some wistfulness myself...

Lost Moon

Through all the lines and trails,
Dark to light in the space-stark screen
Images, or blurred in the eroding air
Of memory, three things ring out,
Show bright- the vulnerable, wonder-struck
Glow of awe in Mission Control as Apollo
Sends back a view of our precious jewel
Of a home-world; a voice recounting
The need to accept that wonder will
Follow wonder, relentless, overwhelming
(A central tragedy and glory of any life);
And last, that poignant, wistful statement-
"I'd give anything to be down there with them"-
History intersecting my lost childhood dreams,
Precise as any orbital rendezvous.


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