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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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...we came in Peace for all Mankind."
weasel2000's post reminded me of a certain anniversary:

Peace and Tranquility

In whisper and hiss, the radio voices ghost out;
Thirty lightyears now on a fading front
From that point where a spark jumped the dark gap,
The merest fraction of the whole. In the dust sea
Of our tidebringer, the crumpled spider-form
Still bears the bold proclamation from all mankind;
The faint fingerings of solar wind or sunspot storm
Cannot stir or blur the footprint edges or tatter the flag.
But our reach outdid our grasp- this sterile scene
And five others akin, alone remain. Yet, consider:
The Moon stood bright above for eons, before even
That first prehuman dreamer trembled on treetop
Reaching for the prize. The stillness will wait up there,
Unchanging, for the time it takes for us to return.

Then I went and dug this up. Now I'm sitting here, posting this with tears running down my face.

I sometimes forget the enormous impact that Apollo 11, and the space program in general, had on me as I grew up. I desperately wanted to be an astronaut (hell, I still do). Then things like this bring it back home. I don't care if it was a massive Cold War publicity stunt. It became symbolically so much more- something akin to that engraving of the medieval philosopher poking his head out beyond the dome of the sky to see creation the way it really is.

Thirty-five lightyears now... but it still reverberates.