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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Music: Chris Mills
monsteralice and I were in Rehoboth this weekend, and ate at Dogfish Head both nights. They had live music Friday night... generally, I'm kind of cynical about bar bands- a lot of the time, they turn out to be fairly bad, at least in my experience.

But we were most pleasantly surprised this time. Chris Mills is a singer/songwriter/guitarist (in this case, with a drummer and bassist backing him up), who writes tuneful, soulful, and energetic Southern-flavored rock/pop. His lyrics are quirky in a way that should appeal to a lot of my friends- one of his songs is called "Escape From New York," another was inspired by "Love in the Time of Cholera," and a third appears to be a kiss-off note to Mothra...

He and his bandmates came off very well live... usually, I don't get a good impression of a band if I first see them live, especially in a place with iffy acoustics. But they sounded quite good, enough so that I bought a CD, which also was well worth listening to.

Here's a sample:

You Are My Favorite Song

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I am so totally jealous!

Are you familiar with his music already?

Nope but I am familiar with DFH and Rehoboth. In fact, they are my favorites :)

DFH Brewery (not the pub) now has a steampunk treehouse out front!

The spotted dogfish is ovoviviparous!

Fun fact.:)

...I got very little sleep last night...

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