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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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The Secret of Kells
I received an Amazon gift certificate recently, and one of the things I got was the DVD of The Secret of Kells.


A wonderful story about creativity and facing up to fear, beautifully animated and with a lovely soundtrack. The filmmakers used a wide range of sources for inspiration, everything from Celtic illumination itself to Soviet-era propaganda posters. It's all melded together into a style that isn't flat at all, even though it's not slick or 3D or CG or anything.

Historically, it's kind of naive (intentionally so, I imagine). And some of my Northern Tradition friends won't like the way the Vikings are handled... basically as faceless villains.* On the other hand, they're really not the point of the whole story... I don't think it (or any other of the broad caricatures in the film) detracts from the beauty and the power and the message. And after all, the monasteries of Iona and Kells both were sacked many times by the Vikings...

The trailers are good, but also watch this:

Just lovely...

* with horned helmets, mohnkern! ;-)

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I've been meaning to see this movie. It's on Netflix on demand and a friend's 4 year-old has been watching it incessantly.

I just got a copy from Amazon a couple of weeks ago - I had it on the trip as a "we can't go to the park for some reason" backup.

I will probably ask Greykell to use it on one of her monthly video nights.

wow, the clip is fascinating.
I'll cue this up on netflix and watch it. And consider the comments from others as a recommendation for babysitting the niece.

PuppyBoy particularly was enthralled by it - so when I told him that this was part of our heritage, too (even if it was a totally different religion), I thought his eyes would burst out of his head. He then promptly went into the other room & started making pictures from the movie. He's frighteningly talented - we're not sure how to further that.

Don't do art classes until he brings it up...a lot of them are aimed at particular techniques and will turn kids off to the idea of technique as being too stifling. Look for books about certain exercises, like how mixing colors works, rather than titles like "HOW TO DO ART".

Get him opportunities to look at all kinds of different art and talk about it. At his age, probably the best thing you can do is make him understand that photo-realism isn't the "best" kind of art, and there's more to life than representing concrete objects.

If he seems particularly interested in animation, get him an inexpensive or second-hand digital camera, something with a "review" feature, so he can practice making pictures, photographing them in sequence, and making more elaborate electronic "flip books". It's less costly and easier to learn and experiment with, generally, than a scanner and software.

Hey darlin,

Check your LJ messages.

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