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It is finished

So, I've been working on a major devotional art project for a year or more. And now it's done.

So we have this boring stairwell in our house. I've been doing stuff on it for a while- a picture from the Book of Going Forth by Day as a setting for a poem of mine, the date of monsteralice and my wedding date in Maya glyphs...

But the ceiling called for something really special. Something for my patron goddess, Brigid:

The quote is from Ella Young's The Earth Shapers, which is simply wonderful...

More pix, including the invocation I wrote for Her some years ago:

I mixed a couple of clip art/internet sources together for Brigid herself. Some of the other designs were freehand, and some were stencils. I laid down a large grid, and a smaller one for Her face, sketched things in using pencil, then inked the lines in and colored using acrylics and paint markers.

I'm very happy.

Next up... probably a panel for Bast, and a Mesoamerican sky-band on the Maya side, with a band of Egyptian stars on the Egyptian side...

Perhaps appropriately, we went to the Single Malt Whisky Extravaganza tonight, so I'm a wee bit "not drunk but drink taken," as it were...

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