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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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faith in humanity (somewhat) restored + more shelf space = happy sunday
monsteralice and I were coming out of Goodwill yesterday (she was there to stock up on paperbacks, and I don't need much of an excuse to go to a thrift store), when a man came up to us in the parking lot. Now, usually when that happens to me, it's someone trying to get a handout, sell something, give us religious tracts, something like that.

Not this time. "Would you be interested in a bookshelf?" He gave us a brief description- tall, unfinished wood, in good shape- and made some disparaging remarks about Goodwill (we were noncommittal in response, but could at least agree that they don't take good care of their donations). We asked him "How much?" He said, "Free, if you come and take it away." It appears that he had had a yard sale that weekend, and all the books on the shelf sold but not the shelf. "It's one too many for the house," he explained.

Well, no-brainer there. He tried to give us directions to his house, but then just had us follow him there (residents of Arlington will understand why). The neighborhood looked more than vaguely familiar- castalusoria used to live a block or so away from the man's house, as it turned out. Nice area- full of neat-looking, well-maintained older houses. We pulled into his driveway and he went to get the shelf.

I've got to admit I was half-expecting a letdown, but it was actually quite nice- reddish pine, an obvious DIY job but well-done all the same. Next hitch was getting them home- the thing was 7' tall. Luckily, it was also light, and narrow enough to actually fit into the back of Selkie- but there was no way I could shut the back gate, and all of my bungee cords had apparently gone rogue or something. So he went back indoors and got a huge coil of twine, and we improvised. We thanked our benefactor profusely, and some slow and careful driving got our windfall home without a hitch.

"What a nice guy!" we agreed. And he was, too- earnest, chatty, helpful (he had some very good ideas about securing the shelves in the car). Kept extolling the virtues of the bookshelf after we'd agreed to take it, but maybe he was lonely. Or a salesman by profession. ;-) Still, it left us with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Next bit of fun and games was finding a place to put it in the Sorcerers' Cottage. You see, almost all of the places that can fit a 7' x 30" bookcase are already filled- by bookcases, naturally! We had several false starts, but I ended up shuffling my Celtic collection out of the two smaller bookshelves it was jammed into- now it has room to grow, and we have a bookshelf for new and/or temporary acquisitions, and one for the Tolkien collection. I think it'll fit... I only have four different sets of LOTR to go on there, plus the other stuff...

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Good news is always excellent to read. I was getting a bit wilted by the events of my own day. I think you've restored my faith in humanity at large.

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