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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Something to make me happy...
From the instructor feedback from my last course:

Thank you so much for these reflections. They were a joy to read during the semester, and to review carefully as I assembled the grades. The only thing I can say is that part of me wishes you were a Master’s student, because you are doing such rich intellectual work.

...you were one of the most active, engaged students throughout the semester, lending us your insights and your poetry. You gave solid insight, and worked at a level of engagement that sometimes exceeded the Master’s students. It was a joy to have you in the class, and I am happy to record an A+ for your performance.

Wow. That just made my day, and is a lovely counterbalance to some of the stuff I posted about earlier this month.

He recommended that I develop one of my reflection papers for publication! I will probably post the original here for recommendations first.


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(Deleted comment)
That's really excellent.

how wonderful to get such positive feedback as well as the excellent grade. Congratulations!

"WOOT!" as the kids say these days...

*G* glad to hear that you're getting such a positive response to your efforts!

Not a surprise to me at all. :) You should feel so proud. Well done, my friend!

I am proud, yes... Thanks!

Well done! Nice to get the recognition you so richly deserve. :)

Thanks! It is nice...

Wonderful! Nice for someone to recognize your genious.

Well, I'm not sure I'm a genius, but thanks!

Wow, feedback doesn't get much more glowing than that. Nice work!

Nice to see something good for you.

Tremenously cool. I recognize the teacher's delight in your work---it is such a rush to work with an intellectual equal, a student who pushes forward your own understandings.

That's what I love about CHS... so often, it's learning with colleagues, rather than from an instructor...

totally awesome! you go!

Congratulations! That must have given you a lovely buzz:-)

It did indeed! Thanks!

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