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Fires of Venus

I had a wonderful and fulfilling time at Fires of Venus... the first of many, I hope...

So much love, so many wonderful people... great conversations, cuddling and smooching, moments of connection, being told "I like you- you get me" by auror, helping people with words and Tarot readings, the beautiful fires, heaping roses on the fire while the stunningly beautiful Venus icon burned like a beacon, siriciryon dancing with a flaming sword and looking like something out of myth... and I'm sure there's more, but I suppose that will wait for later posts...

It was especially gratifying that so many people were delighted that I could make it... it was pure nourishment for my soul to hear that, and I thank you all.

The high point for me has to have been Friday night... standing in the Temple of Affection, being there while divalion opened herself to Venus and poured out a non-stop flow of love and admiration and sincerity to everyone who entered. She was the essence of Affection, and I was honored and humbled to be able to be there supporting her. Also, watching the faces of the recipients... how they struggled with standing there and receiving love and validation while looking at themselves in a mirror... how brave they were... how that love fell on them like water in the desert... and how they bloomed... wow. If I had any doubts about the vital necessity of this path (and I didn't), they would have been gone gone gone. This is part of the Great Work, indeed.

I also finally got to have a lovely face-to-face conversation with sabrinamari... the first of many, I hope.

About the only downside (aside from the bumper crop of stinkbugs, eew) was my knee acting up (suddenly, unexpectedly, painfully) on me Friday afternoon. It really limited my interest in walking much less more strenuous activity, so I made no workshops, couldn't really dance at the last two rituals, and never made it to the labyrinth. Oh well... I went to urgent care today, and they thought it was either an infection or bursitis, so I'm on antibiotics and steroids, so hopefully all will be well soon.
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