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Mexico - Fashion Shows and Day 8 - Homeward Bound

So, as I mentioned before, a couple of the hotels presented fashion shows in the evening for us. The one at Veracruz started with a brief and somewhat goofy pageant showing a highly stylized version of the prelude to the Conquest- the whole "Mocotezoma thought Cortes was Quetzalcoatl" tale, which is mostly or entirely BS, as far as I know. The fashion show part of it was much better, if only because the costumes (all of which had historical or local themes) were gloriously over-the-top and some of the young ladies wearing them were mighty hawt. They also had hilariously out-of-place music (Enigma, mostly, I think) and a smoke machine that was actually giving off a real burning smell before the show...

In Mérida, there was a fashion show each night. The first one was actual local fashions that people might wear at the right evening event- some of them were quite nice looking, but none were spectacular. I didn't have my camera for this one, but wasn't too disappointed. The next night (our last in Mexico), they put on an "Archaeological Fashion Show", which was full of glitz and glam just like the Veracruz one- the women all had costumes themed on various sites or cultures, and the men represented a ball-player and a Maya Lord. The costumes were just as good as (if not better than) in Veracruz, and in both cities they seemed to be up to the Worldcon costume show standard.

After that as a sendoff, we were mostly done with the tour. We rose quite early the next day for a bus ride across the top of the Yucatan, with nothing much to report about the trip. Just one minor annoyance: the bus had a DVD player and screens, and Carlos had used this to good advantage during the trip, showing us documentaries on Teotihuacan, pyramids, the Maya, etc. But for this trip, he put in a mind-numbingly stupid Robin Williams "comedy" called "Runaway Vacation," full of the kind of male-belittling nut-shot gross-out "humor" that is all too common these days. Luckily, my earplugs were accessible, and I mostly managed to ignore it. Carlos redeemed things a bit by following it with some of "Bill Cosby: Himself" before we got to the airport.

We had a long layover, and Carlos offered to drop us off at the beach or the mall in Cancun for a couple of hours before taking us to the airport (the bus had to drop several people off who were extending their stays there), but we elected not to. We're just not beach people- or mall people for that matter. Though it might have been nice to dip our toes in the Caribbean, the prospect of monsteralice getting sunburnt and/or afflicted by sunscreen and/or having heat problems didn't appeal.

So we spent the time at the airport, which wasn't too bad- we both had Kindles, we found a place to sit, we had lunch... after we checked in there was plenty of time to shop the duty-free and otherwise get rid of our pesos, and get a drink- we left the last of our pesos as a tip at the bar, and it was almost time to board. There was a little confusion around that, but soon we were in our seats for a relatively pleasant flight- this leg was on Mexicana, and they did a good job. Arrival, Immigration, Customs, Super Shuttle, home. Everything was all right there, although Judy-dog needed much calming down and the cats actually missed us.

A very good trip. I'm not sure we'd repeat it (like we plan to do with Guatemala one day), but we'd like to go back to Mexico one day- more time in Mexico City, a few days in Oaxaca, maybe make it to Calakmul... someday...

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