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[DC area] Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Tasting at the Brickskeller!


Tuesday August 24th

at the Brickskeller
1523 22nd St NW

All this talk about DC Beer week. Your friendly neighborhood BeerGuy don’t get it.

EVERY week is DC Beer week at the Brickskeller and has been since we opened October 7, 1957. That means while DC celebrates what, beer week number two?, the Brickskeller will be celebrating her DC Beer week number two THOUSAND seven hundred and fifty(+) in a most appropriate style.

How, you ask?

Well young buckaroo, by drinking ANCIENT ALES don’tchakno! Didn’t you read the header?

We introduced the Washington area to Dogfish Head 15 years ago and have had many members of their staff on our stage over the years including dozens of appearances by founder Sam Calagione. One night he even came as Woodie Guthrie. That was a fantastic evening even tho we couldn’t get him to apologize for Arlo.

This time we invite you to join our host Bob “Hop Pocket” Tupper as he welcomes Dogfish Heads’ national sales manager Claus Hagelman to our stage for the first time(yay!) as we enjoy an evening of rare huge and delicious off centered ancient ale styles brewed by the cutting edge and trend setting Delaware craft brewery.

Ticket information for this truly special event can be had by surfing on over to www.LoveTheBeer.com and clicking on the "events" tap handle

Doors open at 6, we never start at 7!"

Hope some of you can make it!

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