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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Woosh! Boom!
The big storm that roared through the area last afternoon really nailed northern Alexandria. We had a straight-line wind come through the area (clocked at 70+ mph) and it ripped a ventilator off the building and tore the ceiling off one of our balconies. The air inside the office suddenly filled up with dust and crud as the wind drove stuff back inside. All the offices that face the affected balcony had water leaking (in some cases pouring) down the insides of the windows. The ventilator lid ended up on the balcony on the other side of the building.

The storm also knocked down one of the flagpoles, and some people report seeing one of the other buildings in the complex hit by lightning... others reported a big purply explosion somewhere in the vicinity- possibly at the Mirant power plant just north of us.

Needless to say, we lost power here, so I ended up leaving a bit early. It took a while to get home- the GW Parkway was closed both ways due to trees being down. Fortunately, alternate routes were moving, and traffic signals were working in some places. Our house was way out of the blast zone, thank the Powers- we hadn't even had a power outage.

On the way in to work today I saw some of the damage along the Parkway... six or seven trees down, all in the area south of National Airport (mostly south of the marina). Some were 3 feet or so at the boles just knocked over, with 10 foot wide root balls pointing up into the air... very sad. Almost everything is functional at work, except for our antiquated phone system, thankfully.

ETA: the building was actually shaking and swaying at the height of the wind...

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We had a storm yesterday?

That's what monsteralice (who works in DC in an interior office) said...

I was on the other end of Alexandria and we were fine. Getting down to Old Town was a challenge though. Egads. The knitting store had power but blocks around it were down. I heard that the glass lobby of one of the buildings down your way blew out as well. Craziness.

Yeah, it was weird- right around here looked like the aftermath of a hurricane, places only blocks away looked fine...

Crazy! I'm glad you got home ok and that your house is fine.

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